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Impenetrable barriers in phase space for deterministic thermostats
Gregory S Ezra and Stephen Wiggins


Background and Documentation of Software for Computing Hamiltonian Normal Forms Including software tar file
Peter Collins, Andrew Burbanks, Stephen Wiggins, Holger Waalkens and Roman Schubert
Linked twist map formalism in two and three dimensions applied to mixing in tumbled granular flows
R. Sturman, S. W. Meier, J. M. Ottino and S. Wiggins
Lagrangian Transport through an Ocean Front in the Northwestern Mediterranean Sea
Ana M. Mancho, Emilio Hernandez-Garcia, Des Small, Stephen Wiggins And Vicente Fernandez
Wigner's dynamical transition state theory in phase space: classical and quantum
Holger Waalkens, Roman Schubert and Stephen Wiggins
ENSO dynamics in current climate models: an investigation using nonlinear dimensionality reduction
I. Ross, P. J. Valdes, and S. Wiggins


DNA Microarrays: Design Principles for Maximizing Ergodic, Chaotic Mixing
Jan-Martin Hertzsch, Rob Sturman, and Stephen Wiggins


A tutorial on dynamical systems concepts applied to Lagrangian transport in oceanic flows defined as finite time data sets: Theoretical and computational issues
Ana M. Mancho, Des Small, Stephen Wiggins
Lobe dynamics in a kinematic model of a meandering jet. I. Geometry and statistics of transport and lobe dynamics with accelerated convergence
Florence Raynal, Stephen Wiggins
Synoptic Lagrangian maps: Application to surface transport in Monterey Bay
B. L. Lipphardt, Jr., D. Small, A. D. Kirwan, Jr., S. Wiggins, K. Ide, C E. Grosch, and J. D. Paduan
Efficient Computation of Transition State Resonances and Reaction Rates from a Quantum Normal Form
Roman Schubert, Holger Waalkens, and Stephen Wiggins
A comparison of methods for interpolating chaotic flows from discrete velocity data
A. M. Mancho, D. Small, and S. Wiggins


A formula to compute the microcanonical volume of reactive initial conditions in transition state theory
Holger Waalkens, Andrew Burbanks, Stephen Wiggins
Efficient Procedure to Compute the Microcanonical Volume of Initial Conditions that Lead to Escape Trajectories from a Multidimensional Potential Well
Holger Waalkens, Andrew Burbanks, Stephen Wiggins
Escape from planetary neighbourhoods
Holger Waalkens, Andrew Burbanks, Stephen Wiggins
The Dynamical Systems Approach to Lagrangian Transport in Oceanic Flows
Stephen Wiggins


Designing Optimal Micromixers
Julio M. Ottino and Stephen Wiggins
Phase Space Conduits for Reaction in Multi-Dimensional Systems: HCN Isomerization in Three Dimensions
H Waalkens, A Burbanks and S Wiggins
Direct Construction of a Dividing Surface of Minimal Flux for Multi-Degree-of-Freedom Systems: The Equivalence of Conventional and Variational Transition State Theory
H Waalkens and S Wiggins
A Computational Procedure to Detect a New Type of High-Dimensional Chaotic Saddle and its Application to the 3D Hill's Problem
H Waalkens, A Burbanks and S Wiggins
Foundations of Chaotic Mixing
S. Wiggins and J. Ottino
Mixing in Microfluidics
J. Ottino and S. Wiggins
Computation of hyperbolic trajectories and their stable and unstable manifolds for oceanographic flows represented as data sets
A. M. Mancho, D. Small, and S. Wiggins


Chaos Assisted Capture of Irregular Moons
S. Astakhov, D. Farrelly, A. Burbanks, and S. Wiggins
Time-Frequency Analysis of Chaotic Systems
C. Chandre, S. Wiggins, and T Uzer
Computation of Stable and Unstable Manifolds of Hyperbolic Trajectories in Two-Dimensional, Aperiodically Time-Dependent Vector Fields
A. M. Mancho, D. Small, S. Wiggins, and K. Ide


Distinguished Hyperbolic Trajectories in Time Dependent Fluid Flows: Analytical and Computational Approach for Velocity Fields Defined as Data Sets
K. Ide, D. Small, and S. Wiggins
Existence and Computation of Hyperbolic Trajectories of Aperiodically Time Dependent Vector Fields and Their Approximations
Ning Ju, D. Small, and S. Wiggins
The Geometry of Reaction Dynamics
T. Uzer, C. Jaffe, J. Palacian, P. Yanguas, S. Wiggins
Transport Enhancement Mechanisms in Open Cavities
M. Horner, G. Metcalf, S. Wiggins, and J. M. Ottino


Impenetrable Barriers in Phase-Space
S. Wiggins, L. Wiesenfield, C. Jaffe, and T Uzer

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Reproducible Research

We endeavour to follow the discipline of reproducible research: Whenever complex computer-generated figures are included in publications, we also publish the relevant software code